AECAC modernizes statutes and elects honorary president

At the annual general meeting on 1st March 2024 in Nuremberg, the debate focused on the European policy challenges of our industry and the realignment and modernization of the association’s statutes. At the same time, the association has appointed former long-time president Yves Golléty as honorary president at the IWA Outdoors fair.

In the run-up to the meeting, several amendments to the statutes had been received in due time. The aim was to modernize the association and make it fit for the current challenges. AECAC President Michael Blendinger emphasized the need for membership to be extended to several associations per country and also to companies. “Ultimately, the size of our membership determines our political weight in Brussels. Therefore, it is important that we increase our impact in the face of the political challenges ahead. I am very grateful to the members that all motions were adopted unanimously,” commented Michael Blendinger on the outcome of the debate.

At least in the short term, the all-clear came from Brussels politics. AECAC Secretary-General Peter Brass reported that the consultations between the European Parliament and the Member States on the new Firearms Regulation are stuck. As things stand, it does not look as if a compromise before the European elections in June 2024 can be reached.

The same applies to the planned ban on lead ammunition. Originally, the European Commission wanted to put a concrete proposal up for discussion in the responsible member states’ committees at the end of February. This has now been postponed to the summer. “This news is good for the time being, and it is also partly due to our ongoing political work in Brussels. At the same time, however, it does not mean that the discussions are off the table. They will continue in the new legislative period. So, we have to remain vigilant,” concluded Peter Brass.

There was also broad agreement on the last item on the agenda. The long-time president of the AECAC, Yves Golléty, was unanimously appointed Honorary President by the members present. AECAC (and VDB) President and his successor, Michael Blendinger, thanked Mr. Golléty for his many years of active commitment.

New honorary president: Yves Golléty

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